We thought it was about time someone stepped up and sure, insurance companies might get the label of being boring and complicated but we’re fine with that… because, we’re not an insurance company.

We’re simply the portal to get you through the complex frustrating insurance door. Get the power back with complete transparency of all your insurance details and track each policy with ease.

We understand that everything can now be done from your phone. Need a taxi? Push that button. Looking for love? Just swipe right. It’s all right there in the palm of your hand and Insure Finda is no exception.

Our app is designed to make your life easier.  At the end of the day, insurance is about YOUR life so don’t let another business dictate how it’s done.

At Revolution Minder, we are excited to see the Insure Finda App come to fruition after Six years of Research and Development.

“We thought about Insure Finda from every angle and we’re confident
we’ve nailed it. All going to plan, Insure Finda will not only give people
more power and understanding of their insurance policies but it will
also change the Insurance industry as we know it ”.

We recognize today’s consumers expect more from insurance providers and Insurers need to evolve beyond the traditional to remain effective. The accelerating rate of technological change combined with shifting customer preferences and evolving regulatory landscape, have dramatic implications for the ways in which Insurance services are structured, delivered and consumed.

Traditional buying triggers are now about Non – Existence

That is why, in a world where everyone is trying to bring customers on board, Insure Finda believes in building to the customer and defining success on the customers’ terms


    Create more relevant customer interactions
The development of more sophisticated customer
insights will enable insurers to provide relevant offers
and solutions at the right time in the right place
throughout the customer journey.
    Provide greater convenience & simplicity
Provide customers with simple digital solutions
that saved them time and effort when researching,
purchasing & managing their insurance needs.
Create a more likable Brand
Provide richer brand experiences that engage
Offer a more personalized experience
Utilizing digital capabilities to evolve content
and functionally to be more tailored and
meaningful to the customer.
Consumers expect more from Insurance providers.
Primary Insurers need to evolve beyond the traditional to remain effective.
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