This document contains Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's) about the Insure Finda App.


Q. What is Insure Finda?
A . Digital Wallet, that allows the user to store all their insurance policies in one location, made portable and
available. It has many processes aligned/incorporated within the Insure Finda wallet that will assist the user
in finding and managing the right information and tracking the status of their policies.

Q. Adding your current Insurance Policy
A . Add Policy - chains are set from these areas

This is a rather simple chain:

1. Add Policy
2. Select Country
3. Select Policy Type
4. Select Company (Company not listed – Select Add Company and load the company details.)
5. Upload Details to Form
6. Select Documentations - Upload your policy document
7. Save
8. File into My Policies

Q. What is My Policies?
A . This where your documentation can be viewed with ease and direct links to your insurance providers.

The 'My Policies' chains are set from these areas:

1. Policy Details
2. Upload new Photo
3. Policy Holders
4. Documentation
5. Insurance Contact
6. Message
7. Update
8. Cancel Policy
9. Claim

Q. How do I update my details to my policy’s?
A . Select the Policy that requires changes from My Policies

The Update chains are set from these areas.

1. Select Update
2. Policy Details
3. Add Documentation
4. Add Policy Holders
5. Insurance Company Drop down list
6. Archives
7. Delete
8. Save

Q. How can I cancel my Policy?
A . Select the Policy that requires cancelling from My Policies.

Please note: You should check your Policy regarding the company Cancel policy
or contact your Insurance Provider directly to cancel your policy.

Cancel Policy - chains are set from these areas.

1. Cancel Policy
2. Emotional State button
3. Select Reasons / Be Contacted / Message
4. Send Email

Q. How do I make a Claim?
A . Claim - Chains are set from these areas

1. Policy Details
2. Claim Button
3. Claim Process
4. Use your Insure Finda email address to track the claim process.

Q. How do I Find a Price?
A . Finda Price is a two-part process A & B to cater for the particular Policy types.

Finda Price Process (A)
Some Insurance products may require some financial advice. Financial advisers are people who give advice about investing
and other financial services and products as part of their job or business and must comply with the requirements of the
Financial Advisers Act within that country. This includes disclosure obligations which are set out in regulations.

They include financial planners, mortgage and insurance brokers and people working for insurance companies, banks and
building societies that provide advice about money, financial products and investing. Requires.

Insure Finda App is not designed to offer Financial advise or make any recommendations in this area.

But through the Finda Price process (A) we can list the companies and their details who deal with these types of policy’s.

If You do not feel able to (or would rather not) decide on Your own, then You ought to seek advice from a person whom
You trust and who is competent to provide that advice. Please think carefully about your choice to provide you with that

Finda Price (A)
1. Select country & this type of Policy

  • Life
  • Business
  • Health

2. Then Select Region and City
3. The Companies’ details and links are displayed.

Finda Price (B) (Complete the Finda Price Forms)

1.Select Country & Select one of these Policy Types

  • Vehicle
  • Building
  • Contents
  • Watercraft
  • Travel
  • Pet
  • Combo

2. Select Companies that you require a Price from
3. Complete the Finda Price form
4. Preview the Finda Price form
5. Send to the companies that you have selected.

Q. Policy documentation that I have receive in My inbox (Main Message)
A . Updating or Adding a Policy from the Message Centre

1. Message Centre - Open the email
2. Select Change within the email
3. From the Policy list, select the policy to load the new documentation too.
4. If the policy is not in the Policy list, select Add Policy

Q. How does Change request work?
A . Change request is a simple process to notify your Insurance company of any changes

Change Request - chains are set from these areas

This is a rather simple chain

1.Select Policy Holder whose details are changing
2.Select the Information that you wish to change.
3.Enter the New Information
4.Who do you wish to inform
5.Preview Changes
6. Send

Q. How does Reminder work ?
A. Reminders are link to the Start and End dates, start date is link to Reminder.

Start Date: After 12 months from the start date, an email is sent to you to review your policy and check that it stills fits your current insurance needs today and it also be a good time inform your Insurance company of any changes that might affect your policy.

End Date: When your policy is due to expire, the Reminder section will send a month, weekly and on the day email, that policy is due to expire or has expired.

This is a rather simple chain:

2.Add Reminders (+)
3.Edit Reminders


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